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It Comes but Once a Year....

For some people, it is a time of reflection; for others, it can be a time of celebration, thanksgiving, and commemoration. As time passes and we grow older, its importance, meaning, and definition changes.

At a younger age, it signifies a time of receiving gifts and a feeling of importance. I looked forward to unwrapping gifts from family, friends, and loved ones. I remember going for my "press and curls" to an older lady in the neighborhood. I slept on one side of the bed because I wouldn't want anything to flatten my beautifully pressed hair. In my teenage years, I looked forward to the gifts but, most importantly, going out with friends.

Between 20 and 25, I had a checklist of all I should have accomplished by 30. It signified a time of anticipation and hope. Thirty was the magic number, and like my peers, I had the passion to set the world ablaze with my presence. The fragile innocence of a child made me believe that everything would be smooth sailing without hiccups, bumps, trials, and temptation.

My thirties taught me a valuable lesson. Birthdays are a time to celebrate the now while gently cradling the hopes, fears, doubts, loss, and success of the future. This year, I celebrate as a mom, daughter, friend, and wife. I embrace the uncertainties of life and celebrate the woman I am becoming.

Birthdays are a shared human experience, and despite our culture, values, and beliefs, they encapsulate our life journey. They shed light on events that intertwine personal growth and social customs. However you choose to celebrate with family, friends, or alone; your birthday leaves a trove of valued memories that can be shared with those around you.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CJ! The world is still your oyster!!!

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